Exploring the Intersections of Gender-Based Violence and Homelessness

Perla Flores, Erica Elliot, Aida Zaldivar - Community Solutions

Violence against women can take various forms and generate complex intersections. Roughly 40% of IPV survivors are sexually assaulted by their partner and the majority of sex trafficking survivors are trafficked by an intimate partner. Survivor needs are also complex and require an individualized, intersectional approach. According to County of Santa Clara 2018 Gender and Homelessness Study, 51% of women experiencing homelessness in our County are accompanied by minors and 41% of the women report violence as being the cause of their homelessness. Of the homeless women surveyed, 54% have faced some form of violence, abuse, harassment, or threats while experiencing homelessness. In snapshot of sexual assault survivors we serve, 20% of survivors experienced homelessness due to their violence by someone in their home. This workshop will explore the intersections of GBV and the importance of utilizing an intersectional, collaborative approach. Speakers will also address the impact of gender-based violence on homelessness.


  1. Plan how to identify survivor needs from a crisis lens to a stabilization and sustainability lens.
  2. Identify how IPV, SA, and HT intersect. 
  3. Describe intersections of gender-based violence and its impact on homelessness. 
  4. Acquire increased knowledge of barriers that survivors may face when trying to secure and maintain long-term housing. 
  5. Integrate best practices in housing and supportive services programs.


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