Piloting AB372: Lessons from Year One

Jennifer Lerch, Justice System Partners; José J. Cárdenas-Lomelí, Jr., Community Solutions; Guadalupe E. Ortiz, FCS Division of Caminar; Mandy Bley, University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute; Craig Carpenter, County of Santa Clara Probation Department.

As part of AB372, County of Santa Clara agencies and community organizations partnered to  pilot innovative programming, which provides a cognitive behavioral curriculum to individuals on probation for domestic violence. This program includes parallel supports for the survivors whose partners are participating in the curriculum. This holistic and client-centered approach focuses on both the behavioral change of the individual on probation and simultaneously addresses the intersecting needs of the survivor to support healing. The pilot is receiving training and support from the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute (UCCI) to deliver their Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Interpersonal Violence curriculum, with evaluation being done by Justice System Partners. This workshop will provide an overview of the pilot’s implementation and key lessons learned from the first year.


  1. Explain the structure and approach taken in the AB372 pilot; 
  2. Discuss how to identify the intersecting needs of clients and survivors during domestic violence programming; 
  3. Plan how to evaluate a program like AB372.  


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