Transgender Resilience, Sera Fernando

Silicon Valley Pride and County of Santa Clara Office of LGBTQ Affairs

This presentation will focus on how domestic violence / intimate partner violence deeply affects transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive communities, specifically, Black, Brown, and Indigenous transgender women, and how to support the liberation of transgender identities. We will discuss the historical violence toward trans identities, identify how systemic implicit bias physically and mentally harms trans bodies, and provide recommendations on reducing and/or eliminating toward the transgender community.

  • Educational Goals – By attending this course, participants are expected to
    • Identify how the intersections of transgender identity and implicit bias negativity impact a transgender person’s self-determination.
    • Distinguish and self-reflect how privilege plays a role in both harming and empowering the transgender community.
    • Learn tangible next steps on carrying out the creation of safe and affirming spaces for trans people to thrive.


Sera Fernando

Sera Fernando is the Chief Diversity Officer for Silicon Valley Pride and Senior Management Analyst for the Santa Clara Office of LGBTQ Affairs. As a DEI practitioner and grassroots activist, she also serves as Board of Governor for the Human Rights Campaign Bay Area and California District 28 Assembly Delegate. Sera leverages her platform in advocating for queer, transgender intersectionality and social justice, driving home the importance of equity and lifting up the voice of LGBTQ+ storytellers worldwide.

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